Trust Technique®

Not just for horses….

….for all creatures great and small!

If you are ever getting into difficulties with your horse, dog or other animal in your life, or you want to develop or deepen a bond of trust, there is one thing you can change which will make more difference than anything and that is how you feel.

We all know that animals can pick up on our feelings, but their behaviours, which are a demonstration of their own feelings, can also trigger negative emotions in us and then we are reacting to them. It doesn’t matter who started it, once our emotions are feeding off each other it is just like adding fuel to a fire, we need to break the cycle and take responsibility for the shared feeling.

The Trust Technique® explores the relationship between humans and animals and enables people to take responsibility for the feelings they share. By becoming aware of and letting go of their own negative emotions and/or helping their animals do the same, the new shared feeling becomes one of inner peace and non-reaction. Thinking levels and related emotional responses are reduced, promoting healing on a mental, emotional and physical level – for all concerned.

We begin with a mindfulness practice – becoming aware of our own emotional state and that of the animal. We learn the effect our inner stillness has on them, how we react to each other, how to become a better listener, how to understand behaviour and to work at the animal’s pace.

When the emotional relationship changes, behaviour changes.

As trust and connection deepens through practice, you will begin to take the feeling into your everyday interactions where you will discover that communication becomes less reliant on physical cues and tools and more on body language and intuitive feeling, we call this Trusted Co-operation.

The first consultation starts with an initial telephone conversation where I will find out about you and your animal and any difficulties you may be experiencing, including health and behaviour. We can then arrange a suitable time and place to carry out the consultation – ideally this will be at a quiet time of day in a situation where you and your animal feel comfortable and we won’t be disturbed (as far as is realistically possible) so that we can create the best possible learning environment – for a pet this may be in your house or garden and for a horse or other large animal this may be a stable, a field, an arena or anywhere else that is suitable.

The first consultation usually takes approximately 1 to 1½ hours, – whatever is required to get to the point of feeling confident to practice on your own, or to deepen an existing practice.

 During the initial session we will discuss the animal/human relationship relative to your situation, and if this is new to you, a detailed description of the Trust Technique and how it can help you.

If this is an in person consultation, I will then demonstrate the practice with your animal – I will make an assessment as to whether the animal should be on a lead or not, I will explain what I am going to do and how the animal may react, then we will discuss afterwards what actually happened. The practice is primarily non-touch because we are developing the feeling relationship and touch can interrupt the processing of emotions. If the animal has an issue with touch, this can be worked on specifically once the basic practice is established. Touch is not forced upon the animal – as trust deepens the animal will invite touch if they are ready for it.

I will then go into further detail on each of the elements required so you understand what you will be doing and I will then coach you through the process until you are confident you are able to practice on your own.

What happens exactly will depend entirely on the individuals concerned – this is not a step by step tick box exercise, it is learning to understand your own and your animal’s emotional process, it is about interacting with your animal as it is in the present moment – it will always be different. This is about you learning what your animal requires from you in any given moment – not a set of fixed instructions.

It is ideal if you can set aside at least 20 minutes a day to spend some quiet time with your animal in the week following this first session. It is essential to get a solid foundation established while the new information is still fresh in your mind and before we can work on specific issues.

The first consultation is £75.

Follow up sessions to focus on specific issues or for continuing support are £35.

There may be an additional charge for travel expenses for distances over 20 miles.

Consultations can also be carried out very successfully via video call e.g. Zoom/Skype/Whattsapp/Messenger where distances are financially prohibitive or during Covid lockdown.

Please contact me directly if you would like to talk about an animal in your life and find out how I can help you. There is no commitment at this stage – what have you got to lose?

Or to find out more Click here and take a look at the Trust Technique® short video course The Messages of Trust, which will give you an overview of the philosophy behind the practice.