Trust Technique

Not just for horses….

….for all creatures great and small!

The Trust Technique explores the feeling relationship between humans and animals and enables people to take responsibility for the feelings they share by helping their animals to let go of negative emotions and instead share a feeling of peace of mind.

The resulting feeling experienced by the animal enables them to change previously conditioned behaviours and to develop or deepen a relationship of trust and confidence with their humans. And because thinking levels and related emotional responses are reduced it can also promote healing on a mental, emotional and physical level – for both partners.

The Stepping Stones

Creative Reaction – We create a peaceful feeling which the animal can react to by becoming more peaceful, by bringing our awareness to the Present Moment and working at the animal’s pace in a listening state using Mindful Regard.

Realisation Learning – We are not looking for a solution to the problem, we are bringing peace to the situation so the animal can work it out for themselves.

Trusted Cooperation – as a result of Creative Reaction and Realisation Learning the animal becomes motivated by trust instead of fear.

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